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​​Experience Yoga in a Whole New Way

​Blanket Yoga (from the tradition of Svaroopa® Yoga) is not an athletic yoga, but rather a gentle, passive, restorative practice that has the power to enhance your life in every way. It may sound too good to be true, but through this practice many have discovered an easy way to increase strength and mobility, move through the day without frustration, strain or pain. We have seen incredible progress in our students. Some practice once a week while others practice every day. The options are here for you to begin your healing journey.

We practice supported & compassionate styles of yoga. You can come to most any class regardless of your fitness or experience level.

Improves your posture

Keeps your joints healthy

Reduces your level of stress

Lowers your blood pressure

Our Virtual Yoga Classes

Beginners Basics

60 Minutes
Instructor: Kendra

Learn the primary yoga poses and movements as well as other foundational elements of the practice. This class is designed for first time students to learn and understand the basic poses of Svaroopa® Yoga. Once you are comfortable with these poses and movements, feel free to try out our other classes.

Rise & Revive

60 Minutes
Instructor: Sandy/Kendra

This is a shorter class that aims to get you energized for your day ahead. Active and uplifting, get your body moving gently and get ready to have an amazing day. This is a mixed level class that expects students to have a basic understanding of the practice.

Gain & Maintain

90 Minutes
Instructor: Sandy/Kendra

Take the basic poses farther and learn more advanced poses and movements. We explore more deeply the mechanics of the poses, and how they relate to your normal movement and life. These are ongoing classes that you can join at any time.

Master Mechanics

120 Minutes
Instructor: Kris Montigny

This weekly class is for more experienced yoga students who have a home practice and a deeper experience with the practice. We encourage you to speak with Kris before attending a deeper class to make sure it’s a fit for you. We hold poses for longer periods of time, add more advanced variations to the poses, explore the deeper aspects of the angles and apply these new awarenesses to our normal movements in daily life. This master class is about getting the most out of your practice and then taking your yoga home and into everyday life.

Rest & Restore

90 Minutes
Instructor: Sandy

A mixed level class, this evening class is meant to take you directly out of the chaos of your weekend, into a rest and restore state – both physically and mentally. Wind down, allow your body to let go, your brain to slow and simmer, and prepare for a deep healing slumber.

Ready to learn more about blanket yoga?

All classes are Blanket Yoga / Svaroopa® Yoga 

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Our Instructors

Together we build a unique environment, one steeped in personality and the precious gifts we bring to the community. Each one of us has a story to tell and we weave our chapters into one colorful thread.​

Kendra Price

Kendra graduated from Northeastern University in 1994 with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. She has worked in all areas of rehabilitation since that time, the experience of which has provided Kendra with a strong understanding of the human body and the process of healing. 

Kris Montigny

Kris is one of the original founders of Niantic Yoga and has dedicated much of her adult life to learning and teaching yoga. She now dedicates her time, gifts and talents to expanding the reach and efficacy of Blanket Yoga to include more and more and more.

Sandy Hayward

Sandy has been practicing various forms of yoga for 19 years. In 2009 she found Svaroopa® yoga. She is currently working on her Children’s Yoga certification, bringing her Early Childhood teaching background into her yoga teaching offerings as well.

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